A Comprehensive Corporate insurance policies will provide businesses with protection against unforeseen circumstances as a way to mitigate risk.

Employee Benefits

With decades of experience advising clients on their Employee Benefits, our teams understand how to advise, guide and arrange for you to have the best Insurance products to help you retain your top employees.


Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance is type of policy that covers a wide range of engineering related risks. It is a comprehensive insurance that provides complete protection against risks associated with erection, resting and working of any machinery, plant or equipment.


Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance is a must for any business and should be put in place to protect itself against the risk of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and claims made against them. We offer a wide range of General and Specialist liability insurance solutions, to cover employees, cash theft and personal or bodily injury claims.


Marine Insurance

Marine insurance covers the losses or damages that maybe caused to ships, terminals and any transport or cargo by which goods are acquired, transferred or stored between different points of origin and destination.


Property Insurance

Running a business takes time and effort and it also needs protection against unexpected losses. There are many types of Property Insurance policies to consider when protecting the company you’ve worked so hard to build, and at WEHBE Insurance Services, our teams are available to give you advice in arranging the right insurance products to match your business needs.


Car Insurance

Purchasing Car Insurance can seem quite a daunting task but it's simple when you let the professionals take care of it for you. At LINKS Insurance Services, our team of experts will find you the perfect Car Insurance policy that fits both your budget and your requirements.


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