Financial Services

Life & Critical Illness

Taking out a Life or Critical illness policy will help you and your family financially in the event that you are diagnosed with a life changing medical condition or in the event of your death.

Here at LINKS Insurance Services, we know that getting the right financial services advice is paramount to ensuring you and your loved ones are truly taken care of should the unthinkable happen.

Investments & Savings

Saving and investments are fundamental to financial security. In their most basic forms, Investment is the building of a portfolio such as shares, funds or properties and saving is the act of placing your money safely in a bank account to gather interest, with a view to use it in the future.

Want to know more about whether saving or investment is best suited to your circumstances?

Planning for your Family's Education

The most important gift a parent can give their child is one of a quality education – especially in today’s increasingly competitive world, where higher education is seen as the key to success.

Our Professional Financial Services Advisors will provide tailor-made solutions that will help you save for your children’s education, to give them a definite advantage in their future.

Retirement Planning

Life expectancy is higher today than ever before and many of us will spend decades as retirees but will that time be spent working, or will you enjoy life by travelling more or spending precious time with your families.

Planning for your retirement now will ensure you’re able to live the way you want to live.

Takaful Plans

As well as our conventional insurance products, we also have a large range of Takaful Insurance products provides a combination of long-term savings and protection plans for our members and their families.

Our Financial Services Advisors are here waiting to give you more advice on what Takaful plans are suitable for your circumstances.

Mortgage & Loan Protection

A mortgage is likely to be the biggest loan that you will ever have and it will probably cover the biggest asset you have to – Your home.

We can advise you on how to protect your home if ever the unthinkable should happen and you become seriously ill, suffer a permanent total disability or die, before the loan is repaid.

Children's Protection Plan

Our children are our world. We protect, nurture and love our children and want them all to have the very best that life offers but we know it’s hard.

LINKS Insurance Services want to help you make your child’s future a little easier.

We have a number of Children’s Protection Plans with a host of additional benefits that allow you to save a fixed amount over a period of time.

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